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During 2019 & 2020 with did a bigger production for the Swedish mobile client 3. This included a 5 day on site production with all logistics, models, location checks and styling.


We delivered mainly still images but also video for DOOH and website. The brief was to catch both an international vibe but also a bit of Swedish ones, a real fun challenge and it all turned out great at the end!

Skärmavbild 2019-10-06 kl. 10.13.39.jpg

"We have done a large production two times in a row with Stockholm vs Cape Town. They take overall responsibility for everything from accommodation, locations, models to styling and keep everything together in a very professional way. We are quite a demanding customer, but their experience matches what we are looking for and they have always delivered top-notch content, both still images and videos. The advantage of working with a small team on-site is that we become more flexible and can see and respond to new opportunities during the shoot."

Mathias Anderson, TF Creative Director, TRE

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